Newsletter vom 16. Januar 2022

Newsletter vom 16. Januar 2022

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

dear friends!

Welcome in the new year! Hope you had some relaxing time with your families. The new year started not much different than the old year ended. But our optimism stays. We expect an interesting year and we will celebrate 15 years jubilee of our company in Moscow.

We all wait for a solution for the travel restrictions and bilateral agreements of accepting vaccination certificates. Let´s wait and see. I am myself vaccinated twice with Sputnik V in March and twice with Pfizer in October. To make both “boosters” in February Pfizer and April Sputnik does not really make sense from a medical point of view. Many foreigners in Russia have the same issue. A solution is needed. Let´s hope that the AEB initiative with the support of other chambers and the Russian Union of Industrialists (RSPP) is successful.

When writing this newsletter, it was announced that foreigners in Russia can receive Covid certificates based on anti-body tests valid for 6 months! This is excellent news.

Due to the circumstances there are several news about restrictions and regulations, which you will find below in a special section “NEWS ABOUT COVID 19” as well as important links to TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS, newly updated!

The AEB and many other Business association are active to clarify the new law of the Ministry of Health for obligatory medical examinations for foreigners working in Russia, unfortunately including holders of HQS work visa. Please also see below the link to the AEB Q&A. The rules are unclear and the practice shows big administrative problems. This new regulation is for sure contra productive to improve the investment climate in Russia.

Our companies MOST MANAGEMENT & MOST SERVICE are well prepared to serve our clients in doing business in Russia, whether for startup support, outsourcing of accounting and payroll services and interim management. 15 years in the market we are among the most stable consulting firms in Moscow.

If you want to discuss your present business set-up and strategy, feel free to call me any time.

Contact us, if you need support.

I wish you all health and patience!

Sincerely yours

Paul Bruck